On Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of February, 9 members of the North Canterbury Swim Club competed in the 2014 South Island Country and Town competition held in Invercargill. It was great experience for these swimmers and for most of these swimmers this was their first time they had swum in this annual meet and for some it was their first meet travelling away. The level and quality of competition was higher than last year and our swimmers competed strongly and swam many personal best times, gaining many placings.

Canterbury was placed first out of the four South Island regions for overall points gained during the meet. Congratulations to these swimmers and also Michaela Norman from Wai Swim who coached these swimmers in Invercargill

The following swimmers gained places:

In the Canterbury West Coast Relays:
11-12 medley relay, Lucy Gulland 1st
11-12 freestyle relay, Lucy Gulland 1st
13-14 medley relay, Amelia Sharpe 1st
15 and over freestyle relay Tim Gulland 1st
13-14 freestyle relay, Amelia Sharpe 2nd
10 and under medley relay, Rose Smith 2nd

Individual Placings:
Caitlin Cleary, 3rd: 200m breaststroke
Lucy Gulland, 1st: 100m individual medley and 100m freestyle, 2nd: 50m freestyle and 100m fly, 3rd: 50m and 100m backstroke and 50m fly
Timothy Gulland, 2nd: 100m freestyle, 3rd: 50m fly and 50m breaststroke
Amelia Sharpe, 1st: 100m breaststroke, 2nd: 100m backstroke and 200m freestyle, 3rd: 200m individual medley, 200m backstroke, 100m fly and 100m freestyle
Anna Tongue, 1st: 100m and 200m backstroke and 200m freestyle, 3rd: 100m fly and 200m individual medley

Congratulations to Amelia Sharpe and Anna Tongue who both broke meet records. Amelia Sharpe also qualified for Division two.

Out of the 54 events swum by the 9 NCSC members 36 (67%) were Personal best times.


During the first two weeks of February there have been three swim meets in which the North Canterbury Swim club was represented.

Firstly there was the Canterbury West Coast Junior Championships 2014 for swimmers aged twelve and younger, which was a short course event held in Timaru.
The North Canterbury swim club was represented by fifteen swimmers and coached by Michaela Norman from Wai Swim. Michaela said "there were lots of qualifying times for Country and Town and NZ Juniors. It was a great meet for the younger swimmers who had lots of fun and gained some great racing experience."

The following three swimmers gained medals at this meet:
Isaac Dann, gold: 50m breaststroke
Jess Roche, bronze: 50m freestyle
Angus Kelliher, gold: 50m fly, 50m and 100m backstroke, silver: 200m backstroke and 200m individual medley, bronze: 50m and 200m freestyle.

The second meet was a sprint meet in which the North Canterbury Swim Club had 18 swimmers competing. This meet was held at Jellie park in Christchurch.
There was five 100m events being freestyle, fly, breaststroke, backstroke and individual medley. The swimmers were awarded ribbons for achieving personal best times.
William Roberts broke a club record in the 100m individual medley

The third swim meet was the NZ Junior Championships for 2014 which was held in Wellington at the Regional aquatic centre.
Isaac Dann and Angus Kelliher represented the North Canterbury Swim club and were coached by Michaela Norman from Wai Swim. Michaela said "it was the first time the boys had been to a national meet and a very good learning experience for them".
Isaac Dann got a bronze medal in the boys Canterbury medley relay and Angus Kelliher got three placings in the top ten for 100m and 200m backstroke and 50m fly.
Angus Kelliher broke the club record for 50m fly


The Canterbury West Coast Championships for 2014 were held in Dunedin at the Moana 50 meter pool from the 22nd to the 26th of January with heats in the morning and finals in the evening. Over 200 swimmers from 13 Canterbury West Coast clubs travelled south to compete. The North Canterbury Swim Club had 25 swimmers competing.
Brigitte Mahan commented that "they swam well and will now take three days off before hunkering down with training for the national championships. The national age group championships is 12 weeks away and Division II is 5 weeks away, so there is a lot of opportunity for good work to be done between now and then."

Following are the placings achieved:
Bryn Atkin, silver: 200m freestyle and 50m backstroke, bronze: 50m, 400m and 1500m freestyle
Kiri Atkin, bronze: 1500m freestyle
Julie Briden, silver: 100 and 200m freestyle and 100m fly, bronze: 50m freestyle and 400m individual medley
Alex Buk, gold: 50m and 100m freestyle
James Buk, bronze: 50m backstroke
Callum Haughin, bronze: 200m fly
Laura Haughin, silver: 200m backstroke, bronze: 50m and 100m backstroke
Campbell Kershaw, silver: 200m individual medley, 100m fly and 1500m freestyle, bronze: 50m fly
Sara-Jane Lloyd, bronze: 200m breaststroke
Michael Pitt, silver: 200m backstroke and 400m individual medley, bronze: 100m backstroke
Reagan Pitt, bronze: 200m breaststroke
Oliver Rayner, silver: 50m and 100m freestyle, 50m, 100m and 200m fly
Gendi Roberts, silver: 400m and 1500m freestyle, bronze: 100m freestyle
William Roberts, gold: 100m and 200m breaststroke, silver: 200m individual medley and 50m breaststroke
Angus Syme, gold: 200m individual medley, silver: 400m and 1500m freestyle, bronze: 50m fly and 100m backstroke
Total = 44 medals, 5 gold medals, 22 silver medals and 17 bronze medals

Following are the placings achieved by the North Canterbury Swim Club in the relays:
1st in the male 13 to 14yrs 200m medley relay: Angus Syme, William Roberts, Oliver Rayner and Bryn Atkin
1st in the male 13 to 14yrs 200m freestyle relay: Oliver Rayner, William Roberts, Angus Syme and Bryn Atkin
1st in the female 15 to 16yrs 200m freestyle relay: Sara-Jane Lloyd, Laura Haughin, Tamara Gurden and Julie Briden
2nd in the male 15 to 16yrs 200m freestyle relay: Alex Buk, Nic Steyn, Michael Pitt and Campbell Kershaw
2nd in the mixed open 750m freestyle relay: Alex Buk, Campbell Kershaw, Bryn Atkin, Angus Syme, Oliver Rayner, James Buk, James Kirkland, Julie Briden, Gendi Roberts, Nic Steyn, William Roberts, Callum Haughin, Michael Pitt, Regan Mundy and Harry Hall
3rd in the male 15 to 16yrs 200m medley relay: Nic Steyn, Michael Pitt, Campbell Kershaw and Alex Buk
3rd in the female 15 to 16yrs 200m medley relay: Sara-Jane Lloyd, Laura Haughin, Tamara Gurden and Julie Briden

7 North Canterbury Swim Club records were broken:
Laura Haughin 100m and 200m backstroke
Gendi Roberts 1500m freestyle
Oliver Rayner 50m and 100m fly
Reagan Pitt 200m breaststroke

We wish all the swimmers all the very best for the up and coming nationals.