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How to submit entries

Once you have setup a google account and we have associated that with the swimmers you are administering and your account has been activated, then you can enter meets online.

To do this hover over the 'Meet information' menu and click 'Enter a meet'.  Or use the "Quick links" on the left side of the website.

Our meet entry form should now appear.  This can take a few moments to loads.  If the form remains blank, then make sure you have signed into the site by clicking on the "sign in" link at the bottom of the site.  You will not usually have to do this if you leave your Google account signed in to your PC or device.

If this is the first time ever using the application your will be prompted to authorize it.  Read the authorization statement and click accept at the bottom.  After this you will need to reload the page.

Once all of the above has happen you should see something like:

Select the meet you with to enter.  Leave the 'Filter options' on 'Display eligible events only'.  Select the swimmer to enter.

After a few moments a list of events will display.  Select the ones you wish to enter and then click submit.

To unselect an event, just return the dropdown list to the <Select> value.

Click submit when you are ready to submit.

When you submit your entries the website will send you an email.  It will also update our meet entry database.  If at any time before the entries close you wish to make changes to your entries just return to this page, make your changes and resubmit.  

By default the drop downs will contain only the events that fall within the age bracket of the selected swimmer.  However if there is something wrong with the birthdate we have on file or there is an event with some sort of different entry rule other than age that we have not acounted for, then you may wish to change the filter to 'Display all events'.  This will repopulate the dropdown boxes with all events for the meet and you can select form these.