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Why use a google account?

We have moved the website to a google platform (GoogleSites) this is a powerful and free website platform that is packed with features that we can use.  The platform has allowed us to integrate the meet entry forms with our 'TM' - hy-tec team manager software.  This has huge benefits for the administration side of the club.  A very tedious, manual and error prone process has now been automated.

However in order to enter meets from the website, it needs to identify who you are and which swimmers you are entering for.  In order to do this securely it uses your Google account identity. 
A Google account is no different to any account you would  have to create to another sort of website, but rather than a custom log-in this is a shared account that you can use with all other Google products.

If you already use Gmail, Google docs, Google+, Picassa or any other Google service you most likely already have an account and you can just use it on our site.  If not, you will need to create one.  See the next FAQ item for details.  

If you don't want to use your existing account to access our site then just create a new one specifically for the NCSC site.