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Aquagym Meet 2015

posted Nov 5, 2015, 11:04 AM by Lucy Gulland

On the 30 October to the 1st November the North Canterbury Swim Club attended the Aquagym Challenge Meet at Jellie Park in Christchurch.  We had a big team of 39 swimmers competing.  Brigitte Mahan, WaiSwim head coach, said "There was lots of great racing over the weekend with a number of swimmers gaining qualifying times for meets later in the season. A lot of the athletes challenged themselves by trying out new events which was fantastic."


Here are some of the best results from Aquagym Meet:

Yohann Savry  - 50 Breaststroke – gold,  50 Freestyle – bronze

Eloise Savry – 50 Brreaststroke – bronze

Wills Graham – 200 Freestyle – bronze

Jess Roche – 200 Freestyle – gold, 50 Freestyle – bronze

Annamiek Noye – 50 Backstroke, 100 Freestyle and 100 Backstroke  – bronze

Riley Stewart – 400 Individual medley – silver

Jacob Webb – 100 Breaststroke - bronze

Gus Kelliher – 200 and 400m Individual medley, 50 and 400m Freestyle – gold, 100 Breastroke, 200 ButterFly – silver, 200 Breaststroke - bronze

Tamara Gurden – 200 Freestyle – silver, 100 Breaststroke, 100 freestyle – bronze

Will Roberts – 100 backstroke - bronze

Tim Batchelor – 200 Breaststroke, 100 ButterFly – gold, 400, 200m and 50m Freestyle, 100 Breaststroke – bronze

Bryn Atkin – 200 Freestyle - bronze

Ollie Rayner – 50and 200m ButterFly – gold,  Butterfly – silver

Angus Syme – 200 backstroke - gold, 400 and 200m Freestyle, 200 Butterfly – silver, 100 Butterfly bronze



13 +U  Girls Medley Relay – Annamiek Noye, Virginia Higgs, Jess Roche, Aria Marsh – Bronze

13 + U Boys Medley Relay – Gus Kelliher, Jacob Webb, Riley Stewart, Wills Graham – Bronze

14 + O Boys Medley Relay – Angus Syme, Tim Batchelor, Ollie Rayner, James Buk - Bronze

13 + U Boys Freestyle Relay – Eugene Dickie, Riley Stewart, Jacob Webb, Gus Kelliher – Bronze

South Island Short Course 2015

posted Nov 5, 2015, 11:02 AM by Lucy Gulland

Seventeen members of the North Canterbury Swim Club attended the South Island Championships from 26th to the 28th September at Moana Pool in Dunedin.  Brigitte Mahan, Wai-Swim head coach, said "the swimmers did an excellent job.  There were quite a number of swimmers that stepped up to this level of competition and did extremely well.  The racing was strong and the new format that had been adopted allowed for the fastest 8, regardless of age, to go head to head in the final at night which made for great racing.  I was also thrilled that we were the 4th in the club points in the 11 members and over category. "

Oliver Rayner and Jordan Rahurahu attended the Australian State Short Course in Canberra.  Both posted good times while they were away representing New Zealand at this meet.  They really enjoyed the experience and both felt they benefited from the trip.

At the moment Angus Syme and Oliver Rayner are attending the South Island Region New Zealand swimming camp in Dunedin.  The camp is being headed by Gary Huring.  The swimmers and coaches are really enjoying the opportunity to work together with different swimmers and take the opportunity to share ideas.  The camp concludes on Friday.


Results from the SI Short Course Champs:


Amelia Sharpe; Gold, 200m breaststroke; Silver, 100m breaststroke; Bronze, 200m backstroke

Angus Kelliher: Bronze, 50m backstroke

Isaac Dann: Silver, 50m breaststroke


Tim Batchelor: Gold, 200m butterfly; Silver,200m individual medley and 100m butterfly; Bronze,50m breaststroke and 50m butterfly

James Buk: Silver, 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle; Bronze, 100m butterfly and 100m individual medley

Will Roberts: Silver, 1500m freestyle and 50m breaststroke

Angus Syme: Gold, 400m freestyle and 100m butterfly, Bronze, 50m, 200m and 1500m freestyle 


Campbell Kershaw: Gold, 100m individual medley (and South Island Record); Silver, 50m freestyle (and South Island record for 17 year olds).  Campbell also was the overall winner of the trophy for the fastest swimmer overall.

Sara-Jane Lloyd:Silver, 100m breaststroke; Bronze, 200m breaststroke.


Para Multi

George Adam: Gold, 100m backstroke, 50m and 100m freestyle; Silver, 50m backstroke


Canterbury Relays:

15&under Boys Medley

Canterbury A - Tim Batchelor GOLD

Canterbury B - Angus Kelliher SILVER

15&under Boys Freestyle

Canterbury B - Tim Batcherlor BRONZE

16&over Girls Medley

Canterbury B - Keely Morton SILVER

16&over female Freestyle

Canterbury B - Keely Morton SILVER

16&over boys medley

Canterbury A - Campbell Kershaw SILVER

Canterbury B - Angus Syme, Will Roberts and James Buk BRONZE

16&over boys freestyle

Canterbury A - Campbell Kershaw GOLD

Canterbury B - James Buk and Will Roberts BRONZE

North Canterbury Records:

14 Year female: Amelia Sharpe - 100m backstroke

17 Year female: Keely Morton - 100m backstroke

13 Year male: Angus Kelliher - 100m and 200m backstroke

17 Year male: Campbell Kershaw - 100m freestyle

New Zealand Short Course 2015

posted Nov 5, 2015, 11:01 AM by Lucy Gulland

From 11th to the 15th August a team of 13 members of the North Canterbury Swim Club swam in the New Zealand Short Course Champs at the brand new Sir Owen G Glenn National Aquatic Centre in Auckland.
Over the course of the week they achieved 72 personal best times and 25 North Canterbury Club records were broken.
The swimmers compete for their age group placings in the morning. At night they compete for the Open medals and then combined age group finals for team points. Jordan Rahurahu, George Eglesfield and Natasha Lloyd all made Open finals.
The meet was also a selection event for a NZ age group team travelling to Australia in September to compete. Ollie Rayner and Jordan Rahurahu were both selected for this team which will be an awesome experience for them both.

Brigitte Mahan, Wai-Swim head coach said the new pool was fast and the swimmers enjoyed the meet. The competition was very strong with a continent of age group athletes from Australia also competing. The swimmers were rewarded for the efforts that they had put into their preparation which was very pleasing. We were able to field relay teams in the 16 + O club relays which was exciting. The freestyle team made up of Campbell Kershaw, Angus Syme, Will Roberts and Bryn Atkin placed 8th in the heat and final. The medley relay team made up of Michael Pitt, Jordan Rahurahu, Angus Syme and Campbell Kershaw placed 7th in the final, stepping up one place from their qualifying swim in the heats.
Natasha Lloyd, home on her University break from training in the States at Auburn University, was thrilled to break the NZ Open record which has stood for 8 years and was formally held by Annabel Carey another Canterbury swimmer who represented NZ at the Olympics.
Individual results:
George Adam: 15year male Para: bronze, 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle 
Natasha Lloyd: Open female: gold and Open NZ record 100m breaststroke, also gold in 50 breaststroke

Jordan Rahurahu: 17-18 YR male: silver 200m butterfly, bronze 400IM. 4th 200IM, 8th 100 Fly, 9th 400 Fr, 10th 100Bk. Open events – 7th 400IM and 8th 200IM.
Ollie Rayner: 15 YR male: silver 100m butterfly; bronze 50m and 200m butterfly. 4th100Bk, 50Fr,5th200Fr 
Ollie was also part of the Canterbury A relay team that won gold in the 4 x 100 Fr and 4 x 200 Fr relay and silver in the 4 x 100 Medley relay where he swum the fly leg.
George Eglesfield – bronze 200 Fly, 7th 100 Fly, 400 Fr
Campbell Kershaw – 6th 50 Fr, 7th 100 Fr, 8th 200IM, 9th 200 Fr and 10th 100Fly
Michael Pitt – 8th 200bk, 400 IM, 9th 100Bk, 50 Bk
Angus Syme – 5th 1500 Fr, 6th 100Bk, 400 FR, 8th 200 Fr, 100 Fly
Bryn Atkin – 6th 1500 Fr, 7th 50 Bk
Will Roberts – 7th 50 Br, 1500 Fr, 9th 100 Br, 200 IM
Reagan Pitt – 9th 100 Br
Tim Batchelor – 8th 200Fly, 10th 50 Br. Tim swum the fly leg of the relay for the Canterbury B team in an awesome PB that saw them place 6th in the final, stepping up two placings from their qualifying swim in the morning.
Angus Kelliher – 7th 50 Bk, 8th 200Bk
North Canterbury Swim Club Records broken:
Natasha Lloyd: female 19&over: 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke and 200m individual medley
Angus Kelliher: male 13 Year: 200m backstroke
Oliver Rayner, 15year male, 50m, 100m and 200m butterfly and 200m freestyle, 100m backstroke 
records.  The 200m freestyle record had been set by George Eglesfield in 2009
Campbell Kershaw: 17year male, broke the 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle.  The 200m freestyle record had been set by Tim Wright back in 2007.
Jordan Rahurahu, 17 year male, 400m freestyle, 100m butterfly, 200m and 400m individual medley
Micheal Pitt, 18 year male, 400m individual medley
George Eglesfield, 19&over male, 50m and 400m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 50m, 100m and 200m butterfly
Reagan Pitt, 19&over male, 50m breaststroke

QEII Meet 2015

posted Jul 29, 2015, 6:52 PM by Lucy Gulland

On Friday 17th to Sunday 19th June a large team of 41 members of the North Canterbury Swim Club swam in the QEII Ruth Woolley Memorial Mid Winter Meet held at Jellie Park in Christchurch. Over this weekend there were 77 personal best times achieved. Michaela Norman, Wai-Swim coach held a competition camp for her younger squad before this meet which the swimmers really enjoyed.  A number of these swimmers challenged themselves with swimming the longer distances for the first time and they all did a fantastic job.  Brigitte Mahan, Wai-Swim head coach said it was a great meet for the competitive swimmers heading to NZ Short Course Nationals coming up in August as it was their second to last meet.  She is very pleased with where these swimmers are with their preparations at this stage.

North Canterbury Records broken:

Sophie Batchelor, 19&over female, broke the 100m and 200m backstroke, 100m butterfly and 200m Individual medley records

Oliver Rayner, 15year male, broke the 50m butterfly and 100m backstroke records

Jordan Rahurahu, 17 year male, broke the 400m freestyle, 200m and 400m individual medley records

George Eglesfield, 19&over male, broke the 400m freestyle record that Christopher Hodgins set back in 2005.

Other individual results:

Sophie Batchelor: 16&over female: silver 100m butterfly and 100m backstroke, bronze 200m backstroke

Timothy Batchelor: 14-15 male: gold, 50m breaststroke and 200m butterfly; silver, 100m breaststroke

George Eglesfield: 16&over male: silver 400m freestyle

Chloe Graham: 9&under female: gold 100m freestyle; bronze 100m breaststroke

Wills Graham: 10-11YR male: gold 400m freestyle

Laura Haughin: 16&over female: bronze, 200m freestyle

Angus Kelliher: 12-13YR male: gold, 50m, 200m and 400m freestyle and 50m backstroke

Campbell Kershaw: 16&over male: gold 100m breaststroke, silver 200m butterfly, bronze 200m freestyle and 200m breaststroke

Regan Mundy: 14-15YR male: bronze 100m breaststroke

Annamiek Noye: 12-13YR female: bronze 50m backstroke

Michael Pitt: 16&over male: gold 50m backstroke and 200m breaststroke, silver 50m butterfly

Jordan Rahurahu: 16&over male: gold 200m and 400m individual medley and 100m butterfly

Oliver Rayner: 14-15 YR male: gold 50m butterfly, silver 50m freestyle, 100m backstroke and 200m individual medley, bronze 200m freestyle.

William Roberts: 16&over male: silver 100m breaststroke

Emma Schroder: 12-13YR female: silver 400m individual medley

Rose Smith: 10-11YR female: silver 50m breaststroke; bronze 400m freestyle

Angus Syme: 14-15YR male: gold 400m freestyle; silver 100m butterfly and 200m freestyle; bronze 100m freestyle

Jacob Webb: 12-13YR male: gold 100m and 200m breaststroke

Wharenui Winter Olympics

posted Jul 23, 2015, 7:24 PM by Lucy Gulland

On Friday 26th to Sunday 28th June 32 members of the North Canterbury Swim Club swam in the Wharenui Winter Olympics swim competition held at Jellie Park in Christchurch.  Over this weekend there were 57 personal best times acheived.  


Some of the great results included:

Two North Canterbury Records were broken:

Isaac Dann, 13year male, broke a record from 2001 in the 100m breaststroke.

Campbell KErshaw, 17year male, broke the 100m breaststyle record from 2007.


Other individual results:

Isaac Dann: 13&14year male: silver, 100m and 200m breaststroke

Laura Haughin: 15&over female: bronze, 100m backstroke

Campbell Kershaw: 15&over male: silver, 100m freestyle

Lara Marsh: 10&under female: gold, 100m freestyle and 100m backstroke; silver 50m backstroke

Keely Morton: 15&over female: bronze, 20m backstroke

Bonnie Smith: 10&under female: bronze, 50m breaststroke and 100m backstroke

Lily Webb: 10&under female: bronze, 100m breaststroke


Male 15&over 200m freestyle Relay: Silver - Campbell Kershaw, William Roberts, Angus Syme and Bryn Atkin

Mixed 10&under 100m medley Relay: Gold - Lara Marsh, Lily Webb, Bonnie Smith and Georgia Dann

Male 15&over medley Relay: Silver - Angus Syme, William Roberts, Oliver Rayner and Campbell Kershaw.


Neptune Meet 2015

posted Jun 3, 2015, 9:58 PM by Lucy Gulland

During Queen’s Birthday weekend we travelled to Dunedin to swim in the Neptune Meet at Moana Pool.  As our age group swimmers were just back in the water from NAGS it was a small team that travelled down to Dunedin.  It was a very busy weekend of racing but heaps of fun and really good racing with a huge number of personal bests gained and also a number of qualifying times met for events later in the season.

Gus Kelliher won all of his events after flying down on Saturday once his morning rugby game had finished.  He took out the overall age group prize for the 11-12 year old boys. Gus was also in the winning Adam and Eve relay with Alice Petrie from Oamaru. The top 8 boys and girls from each age grouping are chosen for this event and paired up.

James Buk was also selected for the Adam and Eve relay and paired up with Devon Familton from Neptune for second place.

Brigitte Mahan, WaiSwim head coach, said “the opportunity for all the swimmers to put into place the skills they have been working on at training is very important. As the weekend went on they improved immensely which was awesome to see.”


Gus Kelliher – Gold – 50 Freestyle, 50, 100m and 200m Backstroke,  100 Butterfly, 200m and 400m individual medley

James Buk – Silver – 200 Freestyle, Bronze – 50 Breaststroke, 50 Backstroke, 200 Individual medley, 4th – 50 Butterfly, 50 Freestyle, 200 Backstroke, 5th – 200m breaststroke, 6th – 100m freestyle

Tim Batchelor – Silver – 400 Individual medley, Bronze – 50 butterfly, 5th – 100 butterfly, 6th – 50m and 100m Breaststroke, 200 Individual medley, 7th – 200m Breaststroke, 400 Freestyle, 8th – 50m backstroke   

Sara-Jane Lloyd – Silver – 100m and 200m Breaststroke, 5th – 50m breaststroke, 6th – 50 Backstroke

Bonnie Smith – Silver – 200 Breaststroke, 5th – 200 Backstroke, 7th – 100 Breaststroke

Jessie Kelliher – Bronze – 200 Breaststroke, 6th – 200 Backstroke

Saxon Morgan – 5th – 200 Backstroke, 8th – 200 Freestyle, 200m individual medley

George Adam – 5th – 100 Backstroke

Isaac Dann – 5th – 400 individual medley

Jessica Campbell, Eugene Dickie, Rose Smith and Wills Graham also travelled and achieved some awesome personal best times.




National Age Group Competition - 2015

posted May 12, 2015, 8:13 PM by Lucy Gulland   [ updated May 13, 2015, 10:16 PM ]

On the 5th to the 9th May 11 swimmers from the North Canterbury Swim Club attended the 2015 National Age Group Competition at the Wellington Aquatic Centre.  The swimmers achieved plenty of personal best times with 67% of their swims as PB's - four swimmers actually achieved 100% personal best times.

Brigitte Mahan, WaiSwim head coach said it was a great meet with lots of awesome swims. She said they had a fire alarm one night which delayed the start and saw the evacuation of the entire complex.  SNZ named the teams for Youth Comm Games and Junior Worlds and the Outward Bound week.  She was very proud of all our athletes and their attention to detail and organisation during the week was tremendous.

Some of the really great results were:
North Canterbury Records
Isaac Dann: 13Year male: 50m and 100m breaststroke - the 50m record had held since 2002
Laura Haughin: 16Year female: 50m and 200m backstrome - the 50m record had held since 2009
Campbell Kershaw: 17Year male: 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle
Keely Morton:16Year female: 100m backstroke which had held since 2009
Oliver Rayner: 15Year male: 50m freestyle, 100m backstroke and 100m butterfly
William Robers: 15Year male: 100m breaststroke and 200m individual medley

Individual results:
Julie Briden: 16year female: 9th 200m individual medley, 8th 100m freestyle
James Buk: 15 year male: 9th 100m freestyle
Isaac Dann: 12-13year male: Bronze, 50m breaststroke; 5th 100m breaststroke; 6th 200m breaststroke
Laura Haughin: 16year female: 4th 400m individual medley, 4th 200m backstroke
Campbell Kershaw:17year male: 4th 50m freestyle; 5th 200m freestyle; 6th 100m freestyle; 8th 200m individual medley
Keeley Morton: 16Year female: 10th 100m backstroke
Michael Pitt: 17Year male: 8th 200m backstroke
Oliver Rayner: 15Year male: Silver, 100m butterfly; Bronze 200m butterfly; 4th 50m butterfly; 6th 100m backstroke; 9th 100m freestyle
William Roberts: 15Year male: 6th 1500m freestyle; 7th 100m breaststroke; 10th 400m freestyle
Angus Syme: 15Year male: Bronze, 1500m freestyle; 6th 400m freestyle; 9th 50m butterfly and 200m freestyle

The regional relays were very competitive with swimmers having to race hard for their positions.
4 x100m freestyle - Canterbury A - GOLD - Oliver Rayner and James Buk; Canterbury B - BRONZE - William Roberts and Angus Syme
4 x 200m freestyle - Canterbury A - GOLD - William Roberts and Angus Syme; Canterbury B - 5th - Oliver Rayner and James Buk
4 x 100m medley- Canterbury A - GOLD - WIlliam Roberts, Oliver Rayner and James Buk; Canterbury B - 6th - Angus Syme





NZ Open Results

posted Apr 30, 2015, 1:49 AM by Lucy Gulland

On Tuesday 14th until Friday 17th April a small group of North Canterbury Swimmers attended the New Zealand Open Swimming Competition held at the Westwave Aquatic Centre in Auckland. The four swimmers were George Eglesfield, Campbell Kershaw, Natasha Lloyd and Reagan Pitt. Two of the swimmers are swimming overseas at USA universities on scholarships; Natasha Lloyd is swimming for the Auburn University in Alabama and George Eglesfield is attending
Brigitte Mahan, WaiSwim head coach, said that all the swimmers did a great job.  She was excited to see so many individual qualifiers for the World Games and World Uni Games.  Brigitte said it was 'brillant to see Natasha break the 1.10 mark in her 100 breaststroke and to see her qualify for the World University Games to be held in South Korea in July."

Some of the really great results wereL
Natasha Lloyd: Gold 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke; she was the only swimmer, male or female, that got gold in all events in a single stroke.

George Eglesfield: Bronze; 100m butterfly.

North Canterbury Records Broken:

Natasha Lloyd 19&over female: - 100m freestyle, 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke

George Eglesfield 19&over male: 50m butterfly

Campbell Kershaw 17YR male: 50m and 100m freestyle and 50m butterfly - the 100m freestye record had set by Tim Wright back in 2008!

Ashburton Easter Splash Results

posted Apr 30, 2015, 1:48 AM by Lucy Gulland

On Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th April, 26 members of the North Canterbury Swim Club attended the Ashburton Easter Splash at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre in Rolleston.  Michaela Norman, WaiSwim Coach said” The Ashburton Easter Splash was the last opportunity for our swimmers to work on race plans before they head to nationals in May. It was also a great way for our younger swimmers to finish off the 2014/2015 swimming season.”


Some of the great results included:

Julie Briden : 16&over female; Gold, 100m freestyle; silver 100m breaststroke and 400m freestyle.

James Buk: 14-15YR male; silver; 100m breaststroke, 100m butterfly

Isaac Dann: 12-13YR male; gold; 100m breaststroke; silver; 200m breaststroke.

Laura Haughin: 16&over female: gold; 200m and 400m individual medley; bronze;  100m backstroke.

Angus Kelliher: 12-13 Male: gold; 50m butterfly; silver;  200m backstroke and 200m butterfly; bronze, 200m and 400m freestyle.

Keely Morton : 16&over female: silver;  100m and 200m freestyle, 100m backstroke.

Cameron Pellett: 11-12YR male: bronze; 50m butterfly and 50m freestyle

Michael Pitt: 16&over male: gold; 100m backstroke; silver; 100m butterfly

Oliver Rayner: 14-15YR male: bronze; 100m individual medley, 200m breaststroke and 200m backstroke.

Noemie Savry: 10&under female: gold; 50m breaststroke, silver; 50m freestyle and 100m individual medley.

Nicholas Steyn: 16&over male: gold; 200m backstroke; silver; 200m freestyle

Angus Syme: 14-15YR male: gold; 100m, 200m and 400m freestyle

Jacob Webb: 12-13YR male: bronze; 100m individual medley.

Division II Results

posted Apr 30, 2015, 1:47 AM by Lucy Gulland   [ updated Apr 30, 2015, 1:51 AM ]

On Wednesday, 18th to Saturday 21st March, a small team of 4 swimmers from the North Canterbury Swim Club attended the New Zealand Division II Championships in Dunedin at Moana Pool, with Brigitte Mahan, Wai-Swim head coach.  Brigitte said it was great to see the swimmers grow as the week progressed.


Some of the great results were:

Isaac Dann: 13yr Male: GOld, 200m breaststroke; Silver, 100m breaststroke; Bronze, 50m breaststroke

Lucy Gulland: 13yr female: Bronze, 100m freestyle

Amelia Sharpe: 14yr female: Silver, 100m breaststroke; Bronze, 50m breaststroke.


Records: Isaac Dann broke a North Canterbury record for his 100m breaststroke which had been standing since 2001.

Both Isaac Dann and Lucy Gulland made National Age Group times for this meet in May.

Canterbury Regional Relays:

13-14yr female 4 x 100m freestyle: Gold (Lucy Gulland)

13-14yr female 4 x100m medley: Silver (Amelia Sharpe - breaststroke; Lucy Gulland, freestyle)

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